Candidate Resources

How It Works

If you see a legal job you are interested in, please submit your resume to Specify the position for which you would like to be submitted. Or simply give us a call and one of our recruiters will discuss the available position in detail.

Once you have submitted your resume, we will discuss the opportunity with you and get your approval for submission to the hiring firm or company. When we hear back from the client (usually within one week), we will contact you and let you know they are interested in moving forward with a phone or in-person interview. If you are local or you are coming from out of town, the firm or company may cover travel expenses, and our recruiters will discuss the details with you in advance. Our firm will make the arrangements for the interview day and time, and will discuss dress code and general guidelines. The in-person interview is important because it is an opportunity for both the candidate and the employer to interview each other for a fit with your mutual needs. Once the interview is completed, our recruiter will contact the employer for feedback and next steps. There may be additional interviews or they may choose to go to the offer phase. Our recruiter will work with the employer to provide you with an offer in writing, at which point we can act as your advocate in the conversations. Once the offer has been accepted, you are on your way to your new and exciting legal job.

No Fee

Legal recruiting candidates never pay a fee. The clients pay for our services.


Your name and the fact that you are looking for a new opportunity is kept completely confidential.

Candidate Submission

We will never submit your resume to any firm or company without your written or verbal permission. We will review the job description with you, help you with questions on improving your resume, and secure your approval before your resume or name is released to each prospective employer.

Firm Confidentiality

We keep the name of the firm or company with which you are applying confidential until we receive your resume and determine it is a good fit for the position. We will always tell you the name of the firm or company before we submit your resume.

Constant Followup

We keep candidates and the employer in constant communication. Our recruiters follow up with candidates to let them know where we are in the process and if we have heard any feedback. We also follow up with the firm or company to make sure that recruiting is proceeding and the employer has all the information needed to make an informed decision. Our recruiters will keep in constant communication to keep you up to date and assure you that the process is moving forward.